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About Me

Hi! I am Danette a photographer residing in Lake Havasu, AZ but born and raised in Santa Clarita, Ca. I absolutely love to capture just about anything through my lens but nature and landscapes as well as light painting bring me the most joy! However being able to capture people’s special moments in an artistic and authentic way is an amazing feeling. And most recent I started to really find an unexpected  passion for real estate photography. Who would have thought?! Not me lol

I do all types of photography from headshots, portraits, family photos, maternity, pet portraits, action/sports, events, real estate, macro, landscapes/ nature, and more! And let's not forget light painting, which isn’t often known about but it’s AMAZING!! Check out my galleries and you can find and all examples of each in there!     

My fascination with photography began when I was 5. One evening my dad handed me a sparkler. He had his camera on a tripod and set for a long exposure shot. He turned out the lights, then lit my sparkler and told me to draw in the air with it and wave it around. When he finally developed the film (many months later) he reminded me of that night that I just had fun with sparklers and showed me the photos. I was completely mind blown and fascinated with what the camera captured! For my up coming birthday I asked for a camera and I got one! It was a 110mm. And with that my passion for photography  began and it has been a part of my life since. 

When I am not behind my lens you can find me...

***Thanks for reading this far but more is to come soon!***


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